T3, T4, & TSH


Vitamin D3 (25-OH)


TB PCR (GeneXpert)


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The following precautions should be taken while giving blood in empty stomach:...more

For the test that should be taken after meals, the patients should observe the following precautions:...more


About Us

Established in 1956, Drs. Tribedi & Roy Diagnostic Laboratory has been serving the people of Kolkata and its surrounding areas. Over the last five decades, it has been our endeavour to continuously upgrade and modernise the facilities. With the advent of automation in India, the laboratory has gone in for automation and, at present, the Clinical Biochemistry, Serology, Haematology & Immunohaematology departments are using fully automated instruments. It has been our aim to serve the people of Kolkata and its neighbouring areas to the best of our ability and to offer modern and up-to-date laboratory facilities to help in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. With a staff strength of more than 100,which includes 15 doctors (11 of whom have post-graduate qualifications), competent laboratory technicians, office staff and other ancillary workers, the laboratory has always tried to maintain the highest possible standard.



We are the first lab in Eastern India to introduce Bar code system for labeling of samples to minimize human errors.


We have corporate tie-ups with :

AIR INDIA, CESC LimitedHindalco, SAIL and S.I.N.P., Hindustan Copper.